Reg Guide

使用網上付費步驟 Online Payment Step


1. 在主頁上選擇想要報的項目(Full Package 或Single Event)

On the home page, select the event that you would like to register (Full Package or Single Event)


2. 選擇報的項目按Add to cart,完成後按Check Out。

Select the desired event and press Add to cart, press Check Out when you have finished selecting all the events.


3. 使用Guest Check Out  

Use Guest Check Out

4. 填寫選手正確的基本資料。

Fill out your basic information.

5. 使用Paypal / Credit Card 進行付費。

Use Paypal / Credit Card for payments.

6. 付費後,將會收到2封電郵,一封是網站確認付費電郵,另一封是Paypal確認付費電郵,請保存好電郵,以便核對記錄之用。

After the payment, you will receive two emails, one is payment confirmation e-mail and another one is from Paypal for the payment confirmation. Please keep e-mails for records.


7. 然後使用 帳單編號 填寫報名表

Please use Invoice No to fill in the registration form.